FAQ Page


1.      How do I register an account?

a.      Simply complete the form on the registration page and click submit. You’ll need a name, valid company e-mail address, phone number, and role within your organization.

2.      How do I list my surplus Inventory?

a.      In an e-mail to [email protected], attached an excel doc with the following columns, and we’ll have it uploaded as soon as possible.









3.      How do I close my account?

a.      Send an e-mail to [email protected] requesting your account be closed.

4.      How do I contact TheirParts.com support team?

a.      See the “Contact us” link at the bottom of any page, fill out the form and press submit. A notification will be sent to TheirParts.com team and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

5.      How do I contact buyer or seller?

a.      Once you’ve found a product of interest, click on that product which will take you to the ‘details’ page. There on the right hand side you’ll see pertinent information on the seller or buyer whereby you may insert a message and press ‘Send Inquiry’. The buyer or seller will receive notification in the e-mail address they used to register with TheirParts.com.

6.      What's the cost?

a.      No cost, totally free - we designed this in order to help plants optimize their surplus inventory as well as take advantage of the surplus from others.

7.      What is the privacy policy?

a.      Please visit this link or click on “Privacy” at the bottom of the page.

8.      What are the Terms and Conditions of TheirParts.com

a.      Please visit this link or click on “Terms” at the bottom of the page.

9.      Are commissions charged?

a.      No commissions are collected for anything sold on TheirParts.com

10.   Why am I seeing Ads?

a.      In order to help cover the cost of the server space, administrative tasks, website maintenance, and other IT tasks there's a chance we may need to include ads.